The Perfect Dad

Every man dies. Not every man truly parents.


I’m not the type of person you’d expect to write about parenting. I feel more at home debating the best shows to binge watch, creating a listicle about the top NBA players of the 90’s, or writing a screenplay with some mind-blowing, surprising but inevitable twist at the end.

But parenting? That’s something dads with creases in their Dockers write about. That’s something for fathers who wear socks with sandals, parents with the best answers to life’s most difficult questions.

Yet here am I. An author, a filmmaker, a madly in love husband, and a human-being who God somehow in His infinite wisdom (or maybe ironic sense of humor) granted to give four daughters to raise. I feel unfit for the task.

I’ve told other people this they say, “You’re being too hard on yourself. You are a good father.” The truth is I’ve been given the most important job of my life and I am horrifically unqualified for it. This is so counter intuitive to every other significant opportunity I’ve ever been given. These opportunities involved hard work, training, and eventually earning the job. The only prerequisite for the enormous responsibility of parenthood is having sex. There is no other opportunity on planet earth works like this. It would be like eating a Nachos Bell Grande and nine months later becoming the president of a bank.

This site is my story of learning how to do this job better and confessing my successes and failures. I picked the blog title for its irony. I picked this title because I’m trying daily for one hour, one conversation, or just one moment of perfection.

Alongside my job as dad I’ve also won awards for short films and documentaries, written and directed a number of local and national commercials, and I’m author of the novels The Almost True Story Of Ryan Fisher, The End Is Now, Homemade Haunting, and The Living and The Undead. Also do lots of creative work for my home church One Chapel in Austin, TX (I’m on staff as the creative director)  and lots of other churches doing a production called The Thorn.

Thanks for reading.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Great blog idea! I can commiserate with you, but you are still in the minor leagues. I have six daughters and five of them are teenagers. You have not even begun the nightmare yet!! But your time is coming!!

    Keep up the good work. Looking forward to seeing more posts.

    Come by and see my blog some time too (A Trivial Mind at Work). There you can see the work of a mind decimated by the logic of adolescent teenage girls.

  2. You crack me up. So far I am heartily enjoying your posts. I do not know if this is your thing or if you are interested but I nominated you for the Sunshine and Versatile blogger awards on my blog:

    if its not your thing, I understand but at the very least I hope to gain you a bit more traffic!

    1. not that you need it, of course its just nice to have, more traffic 🙂

    2. robstennett says:

      Thank you so much for the nomination. Very kind.

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